How To Manage Teens

Welcome to Managing teens in the workplace can be a frustrating and time-consuming thing. But it can also be fulfilling and rewarding if done correctly. This website can be your reference for recruiting, hiring, training and maintaining your teen employees. We are a team of managers who have been in the business of managing teens for years – and have found great success in reducing turnover to minimal levels, eliminating typical teenage drama in the workplace, and enjoying it in the process.

Often times teens are misunderstood. Today’s teens tick much differently than they did even 10 years ago and it is up to us managers to adapt to the changing times. That being said, it is the MANAGER that must change first. It’s not as scary or difficult as it seems, yet most managers of teens are too stubborn adapt. is dedicated to teaching managers the necessary principles and tactics to successfully recruit, hire, train, and maintain (retain) teen employees.

If you’re a manager of teenage employees, please use us as your resource. Ask questions. Leave comments. It’s a team effort – and it is our goal to help you in the often difficult and frustrating task of managing teen employees.


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